Very Inspiring Book Blogger Award


The Rules:
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3. Share 7 facts about yourself
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Thanks to Mariel for this awesome award!

1) I’ve been studying ballet for 7 years and gotten accepted into American Ballet Theatre’s and Milwaukee Ballet’s summer intensives which have been pretty fantastic.

2) I’m kind of a stupidly hopless romantic which also often clashes with my feminist opinions and perspectives on literature. I’m working on it.

3) I play the piano.

4) My mom thinks I read too much, she’s blocked my library card for about 3 years now. 😦

5) When I was in elementary school, every recess for a long while I would re-shelve the Magic Tree House series and the Junie B. Jones series in numerical order. I guess that explains why I love to shelve books now. The shit tons of cool-student passes I got from that didn’t hurt either. 😉

6) I love reading scientific studies on human sexuality and gender. It’s just so fascinating. (I hope I don’t get hate for this)

7) I’m in the supernatural (destiel!), sherlock, ASOIAF, and Harry Potter fandoms as well.

Bonus!: I’m also in my school’s audition-only choir. I was one of the 3 freshies to get in. 🙂

People to tag:

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Because they’re fabulous bloggers, as assumed.